• Clotilda Marguerite Zauder

    Clotilda Marguerite Zauder

    Short Fused, much like her affinity bomb, she has a very explosive persanality
  • Donovan Ross

    Donovan Ross

    Reverend Donovan Ross, head of the Church of the Imminent Redemption
  • Felina


    You know that news attention on that bank a while ago? how all the gold was stolen by a couple strange people, and how they brought out a naked girl after? well what you didn't know is that was not really a girl, some say it is a Dragon. maybe it's lost?
  • Osheen Freashwater

    Osheen Freashwater

    The hurmit mage
  • Randall


    A mysterious figure claiming to represent a secret conspiracy to fight Chaos.
  • Wusse Wormwood

    Wusse Wormwood

    Appears as normal average sized WASP male. Has an artifical left hand. Moves a little jerkily.